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Suzanne DeMuth Myers

Suzanne DeMuth Myers is a jewelry designer and poet active in the Albany, New York and Moultonborough, New Hampshire regions. A retired elementary school teacher, Suzanne found ways to weave Bruce's music into many projects with her students over the years. She is currently working on a chapbook on grieving and faith. She has been involved in The Cockburn Project almost since its inception. She's written several of our front page news articles and interviews and writes The Cockburn News. She has gathered Bruce's comments for the Songs, Albums and Issues sections of the website section.

Bobbi Wisby

Bobbi is a homesteader and website developer in northern California, USA as well as the Project's Webmaster and is responsible for coding the entire site. Bobbi has worked on a wide variety of sections on the Project including building the Setlist Archive with Rob and indexing all the years back to 1970, and was setlist archive editor for several months. Bobbi has written all the 'On My Beat' and 'From the Road' tour reports as well as several other articles which have appeared on the Front page. Bobbi worked with Suzanne coding up the comments for the Issues, Songs and Albums sections as well as contributing comments to the Project since 1999 and was responsible for the transcription of the 5 August 2000 interview with Cockburn on KMUD.

Nigel Parry

Nigel works as an editor, journalist and web designer through his company, and spent several years in the Middle East, from where Nigel founded the Cockburn Project in early 1998. See the About the Project section for more information about the Project's history. In February 2001, Nigel released his 9-song debut album, This Side Of Paradise. More recently, he has written a first person account of incarceration in America, in his journal series, "From Ramallah to Rikers Island" ( Nigel remains a consulting editor for the Project and his personal website can be found at

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This page is part of The Cockburn Project, a unique website that exists to document the work of Canadian singer-songwriter and musician Bruce Cockburn. The Project archives self-commentary by Cockburn on his songs and music, and supplements this core part of the website with news, tour dates, and other current information.