--Armadillo --
Released January 2009

Found on:
Celia Shacklett

by Celia Shacklett

You come from South America
you live in the southern United States
your outside covering's comprised of
many bony plates.
you're from Class Mammalia,
Order Edentates
you sometimes grunt or squawk -
those are the noises that you make.

It seems unfortunate,
even though it's true,
that the only reason you live here
is because you escaped from the zoo in Florida
and now, you're migrating northward.

You come out at night
eat all the bugs you find
you use your sense of smell because
you're almost blind

you use your sticky tongue to eat
little grubs and moths
kind of like your cousins
the anteaters and sloths

The conquistadors named you "little armored thing"
Well I'm glad you're on your way
because I think you're a king.
Hey, welcome to the midwest, Armadillo,
and watch for cars as you're migrating northwards.

Los armadillos de nueve bandas siempre dan a luz a
cuatrillizos idénticos que nacen del mismo huevo y placenta.

Los armadillos nadan, y pueden contener la respiration
durante hasta cinco minutos. Su habilidad para cruzar
arroyos y ríos los ayudó a expandir su territorio.

Su grado de expansión es casi 10 veces mayor que el de cualquier otro mamífero.

La temperatura interna corporal del armadillo es lo
suficientemente baja como para favorecer el
crecimiento de la bacteria que causa la lepra.

© Celia Shacklett, 2008.

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  • Editor's note: This song was a collaboration with Celia Shacklett. Bruce plays guitar and contributes vocals to the song, Armadillo. The cd, Transformateurs. More about Celia at her website.

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