-- Anything Anytime Anywhere --
3 January 1992. Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada.

(released 15 January 2002)

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Anything Anytime Anywhere, Singles 1979-2002 (2002) [compilation album]

Greatest Hits (1970-2020) (2021) [compilation album]

Tomorrow may come, it usually does
Don't know what it will bring to the two of us
I just want you to know
What I'm ready to do

Anything, anytime, anywhere
For you

When I'm holding you tight, you give me the power
To burn like a torch in the darkest hour
Tell me what you need
I will surely come through

Anything, anytime, anywhere
For you

Passion runs deep, it's scary sometimes
When it's larger than life or your peace of mind
It's got me all the same
And I'm not sorry that's true

Anything, anytime, anywhere
For you

Anything, anytime, anywhere
For you

Anything, anytime, anywhere
For you

Known comments by Bruce Cockburn about this song, by date:

  • *25 June 1998

    "I asked Bruce after the show last night about his favorite cover versions. He mentioned the soon to be released Colin Linden version of 'Anything, Anytime, Anywhere', which was slated for the Dart To The Heart release [*Editor's Note: 1994], but 'Colin got it right.'"
    - Posted by 'Gadflying' on the 'Humans' mailing list, 25 June 1998.

  • 11 December 2001

    I love the sound of the song, "Anything Anytime Anywhere." It has that late ’50s/early ’60s feel.

    "Yes, it was written in a "rootsy" style. It’s been around for a couple of years. We originally tried to record it for Dart To The Heart [1992] but we couldn’t make it work at that time. We came back at it later with the same band, but this time the arrangement was spacious enough to allow room for the Fairfield Four. I just love what they do in it."
    - from "Ready For "Anything" From Bruce Cockburn", Gavin, 11 December 2001.

  • 2021

    "A mercenary's want ad repurposed to apply to love instead of war."

    ~ from the liner notes of Greatest Hits (1970-2020)

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