-- Anything Anytime Anywhere (2002) --
(singles 1979-2002)

Track Listing:

[1] My Beat (4:34)
[2] Wondering Where The Lions Are (from 'Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws') (3:42)
[3] Tokyo (from 'Humans') (3:28)
[4] The Coldest Night Of The Year (from 'Mummy Dust')(remix) (4:24)
[5] The Trouble With Normal (from 'The Trouble With Normal') (3:35)
[6] Lovers In A Dangerous Time (from 'Stealing Fire') (4:06)
[7] If I Had A Rocket Launcher (from 'Stealing Fire') (4:57)
[8] Call It Democracy (from 'World Of Wonders') (3:51)
[9] Waiting For A Miracle (from 'Waiting For A Miracle') (remix)(4:50)
[10] If a Tree Falls (from 'Big Circumstance') (5:42)
[11] A Dream Like Mine (from 'Nothing But A Burning Light') (4:55)
[12] Listen for the Laugh (from 'Dart To The Heart') (4:05)
[13] Night Train (from 'The Charity Of Night') (6:11)
[14] Pacing The Cage (from 'The Charity Of Night') (4:37)
[15] Last Night of the World (from 'Breakfast in New Orleans, Dinner in Timbuktu')(4:50)
[16] Anything Anytime Anywhere (3:33)

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Album Info:

Production notes:
Released worldwide on 15 January 2002
Compilation produced by Bruce Cockburn and Colin Linden
Remix producers: Bruce Cockburn and Colin Linden
Remix engineer: John Whynot
Assitant engineer: King Williams
Waiting For A Miracle remixed at Universal Studios, Nashville, August 2001
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, New York City
Art direction, design and layout by A Man Called Wrycraft, Toronto, Canada.
Photography by Kevin Kelly

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260 Richmond Street West
Suite 501
Toronto, Ontaria, Canada, m5v 1w5
phone: 416-596-8696
fax: 416-596-6861

Song credits:
All songs written by Bruce Cockburn ©Golden Mountain Music Corp. (SOCAN)
My Beat -
Produced by Bruce Cockburn and Colin Linden.
Recorded by Hohn Whynot.
Mixed by Colin Linden at Universal Studios, Nashville, September 2001.
Assisted by Chuck Linder.
Recorded at Reaction Studios, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, August 2001.
Background vocals: Patty Griffin.

Anything Anytime Anywhere -
Produced by Bruce Cockburn and Colin Linden.
Recorded and mixed by: John Whynot at Universal Studios, Nashville, September, 2001.
Assisted by: King Williams and Jeff Elliot.
Recorded at Reaction Studios, Toronto August, 2001.
Written: Halton Hills, 1/3/92.
guitar: Bruce Cockburn
bass: Steve Lucas
drums: Ben Riley
violin: Hugh Marsh
electric mandolin: Colin Linden
background vocals: The Fairfield Four, Isaac Freeman, Wilson Waters, Joe Rice, Robert Hamblett.
Arranger: Mark Prentice.


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  • Review by Wilfred Langmaid, in One Man's View section.

    Known comments by Bruce Cockburn about this album, by date:

  • 11 December 2001

    You’re playing with your old band?

    "That’s right. The rhythm section is Ben Riley on drums and Steve Lucas on bass. Hugh Marsh--who’s doing many more things now than just playing with me--is on violin, and Patty Griffin put her parts in afterward."
    - from "Ready For "Anything" From Bruce Cockburn", Gavin, 11 December 2001.

  • 8 March 2002
    Commenting on the collection of songs on Anything Anytime Anywhere

    "The songs preserve little events or feelings associated with the time and place, the same way snapshots do," Cockburn said recently. "But of more concern when you're confronted with an effort like this is, is the old stuff going to stand up? Am I going to be embarrassed hearing it? Luckily for me, I wasn't - I thought it sounded pretty good."
    -- from "Cockburn's musical passion - live in new CD, Anonymity doesn't stop, "Greatest Hits" collection", Denver Post, 8 March 2002, by G.Brown.

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