-- Greatest Hits (1970-2020) (released 2021) --

Track Listing:
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Bruce Cockburn Greatist Hits [disc 1]
[1] Going to the Country (from 'Bruce Cockburn' 1970) (3:12)
[2] Musical Friends (from 'Bruce Cockburn' 1970) (2:57)
[3] One Day I Walk (from 'High Winds White Sky') (3:08)
[4] Mama Just Wants to Barrelhouse All Night Long * (from 'Waiting For a Miracle' 1987) (6:26)
[5] All the Diamonds (from 'Sun, Salt, and Time' 1974) (2:41)
[6] Silver Wheels (from 'In The Falling Dark' 1976) (4:42)
[7] Wondering Where the Lions Are (from 'Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws' 1979) (3:44)
[8] Tokyo (from 'Humans' 1980) (3:29)
[9] Rumours of Glory (from 'Humans' 1980) (5:03)
[10] The Coldest Night of the Year (from 'Mummy Dust' 1981) (4:26)
[11] Wanna Go Walking (from 'Inner City Front' 1981) (2:54)
[12] The Trouble with Normal ('The Trouble With Normal' 1983) (3:37)
[13] Lovers in a Dangerous Time (from 'Stealing Fire' 1984) (4:06)
[14] If I Had a Rocket Launcher (from 'Stealing Fire' 1984) (4:59)
[15] Call it Democracy (from 'World of Wonders' 1986) (3:52)
[16] People See Through You (from 'World of Wonders' 1986) (3:46)

[disc 2]

[1] Waiting for a Miracle (from 'Waiting For A Miracle' 1987) (4:50)
[2] Stolen Land (from 'Waiting For A Miracle' 1987) (5:42)
[3] If A Tree Falls (from 'Big Circumstance' 1988) (5:42)
[4] A Dream Like Mine (from 'Nothing But A Burning Light' 1991) (4:55)
[5] Listen For The Laugh (from 'Dart To The Heart' 1994) (4:06)
[6] Night Train (from 'The Charity of Night' 1997) (6:14)
[7] Pacing The Cage (from 'The Charity of Night' 1997) (4:38)
[8] Last Night Of The World (from 'Breakfast in New Orleans, Dinner in Timbuktu' 1999) (4:52)
[9] Anything Anytime Anywhere (from 'Anything Anytime Anywhere' 2002) (3:35)
[10] Open (from 'Youíve Never Seen Everything' 2003) (4:03)
[11] Put it In Your Heart (from 'Youíve Never Seen Everything' 2003) (5:23)
[12] Different When It Comes To You (from 'Life Short Call Now' 2006) (2:57)
[13] Call Me Rose (from 'Small Source of Comfort' 2011) (3:16)
[14] States Iím In (from 'Bone on Bone' 2017) (5:41)

Album Info:

Format: CD
Label: True North
Rel. Date: 12/03/2021
UPC: 620638078624

The consummate collection curated by Bruce Cockburn himself, presents 30 songs over a double album that defines the acclaimed singer-songwriters' 50 year career. These songs are both the ones that shot to the top of the charts when they were released, and also are the fan favourites most often requested at Bruce's concerts. With over 125 minutes of music, and notes on each song by the artist.

Known comments by Bruce Cockburn about this album, by date:

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