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-- 30 August 2023 --

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30 August 2023


eTown Hall Radio Taping


Boulder, CO. USA

Note: O Sun O Moon tour

Bruce Cockburn & friends - 30 August 2023 -  eTown taping Boulder -  photo Dave Dorset

Bruce Cockburn  - 30 August 2023 -  eTown taping Boulder -  photo Lauren Hartmann


Bruce - solo:

Videos: posted in October

Bruce on eTown 2023, Part 1
(Part 2 arrives next week.)

Bruce on eTown 2023, Part 2

eTown On-Stage Interview - Bruce Cockburn

On A Roll

Cafe Society


To Keep The World We Know

Into the Now & talk

O Sun by Day O Moon by Night

eTown Finale with Bruce Cockburn & Abraham Alexander - "Soul of a Man"

Synopsis -
Part 1 (posted October 11)

Abraham Alexander
Knee Deep / Today / (Interview) / Stay (1:25-28:45)
Bruce Cockburn
Into The Now / On A Roll (43:46-54:33)

Part 2 (posted October 22)

Bruce Cockburn
Café Society / Orders (1:09-13:59)
(Interview) / To Keep The World We Know (15:14-35:39)
Abraham Alexander
Blood Under The Bridge / Tears Run Dry (37:51-48:50)
Bruce Cockburn
O Sun By Day O Moon By Night (49:09-55:11)

Both episodes conclude with shortened versions of the show's finale, a smoking rendition of "Soul Of A Man." Counting the full-length finale, Bruce's segments add up to about 57 minutes. Enjoy! ~Steve Zarate

Comments/further information

Setlist: provided by Russ Cole.

Dave Dorset (top group)
Lauren Hartmann, thanks Steve Zarant.

Synopsis provided by Steve Zarate

Show report:
Jonathan Reilly

Archive recording

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