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  • 27 November 2000 - Tabs for Isn't That What Friends Are For?, Look How Far, The Embers Of Eden, Use Me While You Can, and When You Give It Away added courtesy of Steve Meger.

  • 29 September 2000 - New name, new info. Jon Carroll has joined us as this section's technical consultant and undertakes the all-important testing of tabs. Join the new Cockburn-Musicians list.

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    In general, professional quality tabs are not available for many Cockburn songs but should be available for those who are interested in playing along with the CD and improving their guitar-playing. A rating system is being developed to make clear the difference between Approximate and Technically Accurate tabs. Jon Carroll is this section's technical consultant. Please submit tabs to and join the Cockburn-Musicians Discussion List where you can share and discuss tabs and tunings and gear-related info with other Cockburn fans. Use the list to get help and help others become better musicians.

  • Fascist Architecture - Transcribed by Nigel Parry
  • Isn't That What Friends Are For? - Transcribed by Steve Meger
  • Last Night Of The World (correct Drop F# version) - Transcribed by Steve Meger
  • Last Night Of The World (cheat standard tuning version) - Transcribed by Nigel Parry
  • Look How Far - Transcribed by Steve Meger
  • One Of The Best Ones - Transcribed by Eric Kniffin
  • The Embers Of Eden - Transcribed by Steve Meger
  • Use Me While You Can - Transcribed by Steve Meger
  • When You Give It Away - Transcribed by Steve Meger
  • When You Give It Away - Transcribed by Jonathan Tieszen
  • World Of Wonders - Transcribed by Jonathan Tieszen.

  • Various tunings
    Submitted by Jon Carroll (from May 2000). Includes After The Rain, Badlands Flashback, Berlin Tonight, The Blues Got The World, Deja Vu, Free To Be, Hills Of Morning, Homme Brûlant, Incandescant Blue, Islands In A Black Sky, Kit Carson, Lily Of The Midnight Sky, Loner, Lord Of The Starfields, Love Song, Nanzen Ji, Nicaragua, No Footprints, Rainfall, Red Brother Red Sister, Sahara Gold, Silver Wheels, Stolen Land, Strange Waters, Tibetan Side Of Town, Train In The Rain. The tuning for See How I Miss You is from Michael Owsowitz, who learned it from Colin Linden.

  • Acoustic Guitar Magazine publishes complete list of 'Breakfast' tunings
    Plus: where to find other tunings, tabs and sheet music (from December 1999). Also includes tunings for The Coming Rains, Don't Feel Your Touch, Dust And Diesel, Fascist Architecture, Live on My Mind, and Understanding Nothing.

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