-- When You Arrive --
San Francisco - 27 July 2020

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Breakfast was Mahler and coffee
Dinner’s Lightnin’ Hopkins and rye
Everything you say comes back to bite you
But these days only beauty makes you cry

The chapel is closed for the COVID
Black mold owns the city by the sea
Dew-beaded cobweb in the moonlight
Halo for a saint who’s yet to be

The dead shall sing
To the living and the semi-alive
Bells will ring
When you arrive

Limping like a three-legged canine
Backbone creaking like a cheap shoe
Dragging the accretions of a lifetime
But you oughta make another mile or two...

The dead shall sing
To the living and the semi-alive
Bells will ring
When you arrive

All songs by Bruce Cockburn, c 2020 Holy Drone Corp

Video and audio recording by Mark Yahiro

Editors Note:

FOUR NEW SONGS is a video demo, made in January and February of 2121. Recording was done at Yahiro Barn Studio in San Francisco. The expectation is that in the fullness of time there will be an album containing these songs and others yet to be written. If live shows were possible they would be showing up in the repertoire. Since that isn’t happening, here they are...

Premiered on YouTube for San Fransisco Lighthouse Church 2 May 2021

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