-- Woman Clothed With The Sun --
(unreleased) circa 1979*


See that woman clothed with sun
See those million hands
Reaching out from pools of shadow
Toward the son of man

In the garden of the dawn
She is singing God's song
Join hands with all the world in wonder and praise

Out of all the world to the narrow path
Channeled- we move on wounded feet
Toward the glory ever emanating
From where those infinite timbers meet

The light of her life
She has given to the cross
Join hands in wonder and praise

Some holy music disguised as wind
Flows down from the mountain heights
Leaves below respond with movement
Like flickering hands giving back bits of light

Let the strings and pipes play
In fullness the circle is made
Join hands with all the world in wonder and praise

She is singing God's song
In fullness the circle is drawn
Join hands with all the worlds in wonder and praise

Known comments by Bruce Cockburn about this song, by date:

  • *31 August 1979 - "This is a song that was written for a church service. It was the dedication of a fresco on the wall of the church that I go to in Ottawa. The imagery in the song comes very directly from the painting. I think it'll work by itself without you being able to see the painting. It might seem a bit more abstract than it would otherwise, but... the painting itself concerned, I suppose, the image of Eve, going through the image of Mary, into the image of everywoman... and, that's sort of the main theme of it, but, there's a child- a crucified Christ baby, sort of... and a lot of other, sort of lesser images - a vast crowd of beggars, just kind of in the shadows reaching out toward this cross, and various other things that you'll perhaps hear in the song. It's called 'Woman Clothed With the Sun.'" - from the 31 August 1979, Hastings Lake, Mulhurst, Alberta performance. Anonymous contribution.

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