-- Twelve Gates To The City --
Traditional Song with new arrangment and added verses
Saratoga Springs, CA - 19 June 2016

Found on:

Bone On Bone (2017)

O -- what a beautiful city
O -- what a beautiful city God knows
what a beautiful city
twelve gates to the city, hallelu

three gates in the east, three gates in the west
three gates in the north, three gates in the south
which should make twelve gates to the city, hallelu

city on the hilltop -- I'm gonna make it mine
gonna be a citizen of a world of love divine
twelve gates to the city, hallelu

no matter which tribe you're born to there's a way in for you
come from any quarter -- you can be a citizen too
'cause there's twelve gates to the city, hallelu


Bruce Cockburn - 12 String Guitar and Vocals
John Dymond - Bass
Gary Craig - Drums & Percussion
Ron Miles - Coronet
Ruby Amanfu & The San Francisco Lighthouse Chours - Vocals

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