-- Slow Down Fast --
Kingston, January 9/06

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Life Short Call Now (2006)

L ron N ron every kind of ron con
Neocon old con got to put the brakes on
Slow down fast

Lights out veins plugged zap it with another drug
Genejacker pharma thug say hello to superbug
Slow down fast

Shills and hawkers and rockers with walkers
Bombs in the lockers and brain dead mockers
Slow down fast

One-eyed sun leering through the haze
Hordes of loveless marching while the little drummer plays
Nail in the coffin rats in the maze
Dancing arm in arm towards the looming end of days
Got to slow down

Oil wars water wars tv propaganda whores
Fire alarm met with snores no one gets what' gone before
Slow down fast

Flagwave hammer slave gonna be a close shave
Stay brave jump the grave got to save what we can save
Slow down fast

Got to slow down fast
Slow down fast
CSIS won't you tell me what you've got on me?

Known comments by Bruce Cockburn about this song, by date:

  • 15 June 2010

    On Wednesday (16 June 2010) at Massey Hall, iconic recording artist Bruce Cockburn and guest stars will perform some of his best-known material. Cockburn talks over the set list with Brad Wheeler.

    From the album Life Short Call Now, 2006ís Slow Down Fast could be construed as a musical version of an "end-is-nigh" sign. Cockburn explains:

    "I have a lot of songs like that, really, over the years. Trickle Down and Call It Democracy, I would put in the same league. Itís a song where Iím saying, ĎLook at the things that are going on Ė are we going to address this or arenít we?í The answer is yes, a little of both, but Iím afraid not enough."

    - from Bruce Cockburn Set for Luminato Honours - 40 Years of songs to Live By by Brad Wheeler.

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