-- Islands In A Black Sky --
(instrumental) released 1973 & 2005

Found on:

Night Vision (1973)

Speechless (2005)


Known comments by Bruce Cockburn about this song, by date:

  • Spring 1993

    James Jensen: "Islands In a Black Sky" off your fourth album "Night Vision" sounds alot like Michael Hedges.

    BC: If you ask Michael Hedges he would probably tell you it reminded him of him too because he has publicly said he owes something to my early stuff but I haven't discussed it with him really.

    JJ You were creating the sound of two instruments with all the left hand hammers and pulls opposing your right hand.

    BC: I can't really say I was trying to create the sound of two guitars specifically but just trying to get parts that moved together and are interesting. You use whatever technique you discover, most of that kind of stuff comes from just fooling around on the guitar and I'll stumble on something that is worth pursuing and things like that come out of it.
    -- from an Interview by James Jensen at Sunset Sound, Los Angeles, circa Spring 1993.

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