-- Homage to Alex Colville --
(instrumental)(unreleased) circa June 2002



Editor's note: This song was first played on Canada's Walk of Fame induction of Alex Colville, 1 July 2002. It was first played in concert during a studio performance that was recorded at the XM studios in Washington, D.C., on 25 August 2002 and was aired on XM Satellite radio, The Loft, 2 Spetember 2002.[complete setlist]

Known comments by Bruce Cockburn about this song, by date:

2 September 2002

"This is a recent instrumental piece that was written for the occasion of the bestowing of a star in the Canadian Walk of Fame on a well known, in Canada at least, a Canadian painter by the name of Alex Colville. I was part of the presentation. In fact, I was the presentation. I gave him his star and I performed this piece to go along with a video montage of his paintings. Some people who are familiar with my old staff might remember the cover of an album called Night Vision which featured a painting of Alex's called The Horse and Train. I guess that's why they got me to present him with the thing."

- from a XM Satellite Radio broadcast, Washington, D.C., recorded 25 August 2002, aired 2 Spetember 2002. Submitted by Sam Alcorn, Lewisburg, Pa.

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