--Driving Away --
Montreal, winter 2007

Released April 2008 on Annabelle Chvostek CD Resilience
Released March 2011 on Bruce Cockburn CD Small Souce of Comfort

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Small Source of Comfort (March 2011)

The dichotomy of being a sentient being
driving away, driving away

Angel in the heart lost out this time
driving away, driving away

The calamity of seeing, and fleeing the sight
driving away, blue as the night
Driving away, blue as the night
mustang, lizard, mud and light
blood and diamonds, fight or flight
The picture of the world thatís coming clear
driving away, driving away

The things you never thought your ears would hear
driving away, driving away

The ashes of a heart drift past the lights
driving away, blue as the night
Driving away
Blue as the night
Mustang, lizard, mud and light
Blood and diamond, flight or flight

© Bruce Cockburn and Annabelle Chvostek, 2007.

BC - Vocal, Guitar, (right side)
Gary Craig - Drums
John Dymond - Acoustic Bass
Annabelle Chvostek - Guitar (left-side), Duet Vocal

  • Editor's note: This song was a collaboration with Annabelle Chvostek. Bruce co-wrote, sings and plays guitar. This song appears on Resilience, Annabelles' latest CD.

  • Editor's note: This song appears on Bruce's Small Source of Comfort cd, released March 2011.

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  • From the Small Source of Comfort liner notes:

    Driving Away (Montreal, winter 2007)- "One day Annabelle Chvostek called me wondering if I'd be interested in writing a song with her. I haven't done much co-writing over the years. I thought why not? I knew Annabelle was good and it seemed timely to try it. She had a lot of the lyrics and the music for the verses already. Later on we wrote another one..."

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