-- Another Victim of the Rainbow --
(soundtrack) released 1970.


So this is it, now look around
Tell me what is there to be found
You're rolling in gold, I know
Another victim of the rainbow

Your highway hopes have dragged you here
But this mirage will cost you dear
Your kind makes the treasure grow
Another victim of the rainbow

Just where do you belong, I'd like to know
Another victim of the rainbow
Another victim of the rainbow

Known comments by Bruce Cockburn about this song, by date:

  • Editor's note: From the soundtrack of the movie "Goin' Down The Road" (1970)

  • January 1971: "A polite voice from out of the slight gloom of the War Memorial Auditorium in Guelph, Ontario, about tenth row centre, asks for a request. "Sing something from your movie," the voice calls, belonging, you can make it out, to a boy in his late teens. "From Goin' Down The Road, if you would." It's been the same request for the last six months, and Cockburn, alone on a stool in the spotlight, looks patient. "I'm sorry," he says into his microphone in a soft and final voice. "I don't sing those songs. When I wrote them, I wrote them to express the point of view of the people in the movie. It isn't my point of view. It isn't me. So, you know, I can't sing them here." - from "From Bruce Cockburn to Youth - A Very Private Message" by Jack Batten, Macleans, January 1971. Submitted by Rob Caldwell.

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