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-- 19 June 2015 --

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19 June 2015


Montreal Folk Festival on the Canal


Montreal, Quebec Canada

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With Gary Craig & Roberto Occhipinti

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Setlist submitted by Stephane Quiniou who offers this report: A fantastic show!!!! The concert was held in a church and the sound was terrific. Bruce was amazing as always. The show was late by about 40 minutes. I wonder what kept them waiting.

It was Bruce, Gary Craig on drums and percussion and Roberto Occhipinti on upright bass. The band was smoking’, it was great hearing the upright bass on Bruce’s songs.

There were no songs performed on the electric guitar. Mostly on the green Manzer, the 12 string and 1 song on the shiny Dobro (Rocket Launcher), + a broken string on the 12 string,1 song on the Charango. (Bone In My Ear).

Setlist submitted by Gregory Moran - This setlist has all the same songs, not in order, with the addition of Gifts and After The Rain.

He goes on to comment: Quite a nice venue. The Théatre Paradox. An old Catholic church (Notre-Dame-du-Perpétuel-Secours), converted into a theater. So many churches in Montreal. Mark Twain, while visiting the city many, many years ago, noted that you couldn’t throw a brick in this city without breaking a church window… It was the first time I went into a church that had a bar.

Bruce was in great spirits and chatted quite a bit with the audience. He noted that he does not come often enough to Montreal even though he lived here for more than 4 years. This is quite true. His last concerts here were in April 2011 – 2 nights. I remember him playing here quite often back in the 80s. I’ve been following him since 1982. Bruce was accompanied by Gary Craig on drums and Roberto Occhipinti on Contrabass. It was a very, very delightful evening. Bruce’s guitar playing was simply awesome. Wondering where the lions are was added after Bruce broke a string on the 12 string guitar.

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