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DATE: 3 February 2004
First Parish Church
Portland, ME, USA
SHOW COMMENTS: With Julie Wolf.

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Submitted by Lee Rutty:

Bruce played in a Unitarian church that he's played in on at least one other occasion. He had Julie Wolf with him but not the rest of the band. I saw him in Boston with the full band, and the set list was very different. He had his usual array of guitars, but used nothing but accoustic until the last number, Celestial Horses, which went on forever, languid and slow. He really knows how to give a song room to play out. He and Julie seemed to have a really good rapport and it was certainly the only time I've ever seen accoustic Bruce plus organ.

John G adds:

The show was wonderful of course. Bruce had his two manzers and the Guild 12 sting which upon close
inspection had a nasty looking crack in the side of the upper bout. He had an old Gretch archtop baritone guitar and the dobro/resophonic. Both Manzers were cutaways, looking like east Indian rosewood sides and back, and spruce tops with some nice abalone inlay rosettes. They sounded magical if not mystical.

Julie was surrounded with keyboards and had her accordion, she also had a voice tube that she blew into and produced notes dictated by keyboard stokes; this had an airy soft feel to it as did her voice singing back ups and harmonies. She had a very sweet and strong sound last night. I'm glad she was there with him.

Bruce did a few songs from the new CD and a good amount of older stuff. Mostly what he's been doing with a couple exceptions. He spoke a little of Baghdad and how it struck him as out of place that after hearing a bomb blast in the distance, no one in the immediate area he was in, which was about 4 miles from the blast, even acknowledged the blast. He said he was still trying to work through how he feels about it.

He mentioned Jerry Falwell and some stupid things that he said on TV about 9/11, and how that kind of inspired Put It In Your Heart. At encore time of course people started yelling out requests, then someone
yelled out "START OVER", at which he laughed and put his head down and shook it as if to say, "Oh God, no. I'm exhausted."

Photo from Dan Bostdorf.



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