-- Don't Feel Your Touch --
June 1987. Toronto, Canada.

Found on:

Big Circumstance (1988)

In front of a newborn moon pushing up its glistening dome
I kiss these departing companions - take the next step alone
I just said goodnight to the closest thing i have to home
Oh - and the night grows sharp and hollow
As a junkie's craving vein
And I don't feel your touch, again.

To be held in the heart of a friend is to be a king
But the magic of a lover's touch is what makes my spirit sing
When you're caught up in this longing all the beauties of the earth don't mean a thing
Oh - and the night grows clear and empty
As a lake of acid rain
And I don't feel your touch, again.

The last light of day crept away like a drunkard after gin
A hint of chanted prayer now whispers from the fresh night wind
To this shattered heart and soul held together by habit and skin
And this half-gnawed bone of apprehension
Buried in my brain
As I don't feel your touch, again.

Known comments by Bruce Cockburn about this song, by date:

  • 1990 - "This is what I call my "drop F#" tuning [Editor's note: E A D F# B E], the same as 'Fascist Arcitecture', 'After The Rain','Badlands Flashback' and 'Understanding Nothing'" - from "Rumours of Glory 1980-1990" (songbook), edited by Arthur McGregor, OFC Publications, Ottawa, 1990. Submitted by Rob Caldwell. See the Tabs, Chords & Tunings section on this website.

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