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These are officially released promo videos for Bruce's songs, officially released concert films, and films to which Bruce has contributed otherwise unavailable music to the soundtrack and officially released DVD's.


  • Lovers in a Dangerous Time (1984)
  • If I Had a Rocket Launcher (1984)
  • People See Through You (1986)
  • Call It Democracy (1986)
  • Waiting for a Miracle (1987)
  • If a Tree Falls (1989)
  • Don't Feel Your Touch (1989)
  • Great Big Love (1991)
  • Dream Like Mine (1991)
  • Joy to the World (1993)
  • Listen for the Laugh (1994)
  • Night Train (1997)
  • Last Night Of The World (1999)
  • Give It Away (2000)
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  • Stolen Land
  • My Beat
  • Open
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  • Yahoo Music

  • Different When It Comes to You

    *CONCERT FILMS (official releases)*:

    Rumours Of Glory
    Date: released 1982, recorded 30 November and 1 December 1981.
    Venue/Place: The Music Hall, Toronto, Ontario
    Length: 80 minutes
  • The Trouble with Normal
  • Going Up Against Chaos
  • Wondering Where the Lions Are
  • Radio Shoes
  • Creation Dream
  • Rumours of Glory
  • Civilization and Its Discontents
  • Mama Just Wants to Barrelhouse All Night Long
  • Coldest Night of the Year
  • All's Quiet on the Inner City Front
  • Loner
  • Tokyo
  • All the Diamonds in the World
  • In the Falling Dark
  • Wanna Go Walking

  • Purely Music
    Date: 1985
    Venue/Place: Germany
    Length: approximately 40 minutes
    Notes: Recorded for a German tv series of the same name; does not appear to be a bootleg, probably because of different European copyright laws- but Bruce and his management distance themselves from this release. Only released on LaserDisc so far.
  • Lovers in a Dangerous Time
  • Incandescent Blue
  • All's Quiet on the Inner City Front
  • Lord of the Starfields
  • Nicaragua
  • If I Had a Rocket Launcher
  • Dust and Diesel
  • Put Our Hearts Together

  • Live At Greenbelt
    Date: 1989
    Venue/Place: Greenbelt Festival, U.K.
    Length: 90 minutes
    Notes: released by Greenbelt Festival (GBV 001)
  • Rumours of Glory
  • Shipwrecked at the Stable Door
  • Wondering Where the Lions Are
  • Tibetan Side of Town
  • Maybe the Poet
  • Radium Rain
  • Where the Death Squad Lives
  • All the Diamonds
  • If a Tree Falls
  • Stolen Land
  • To Raise the Morning Star
  • The Gift
  • Lord of the Starfields

  • DVD Bruce Cockburn Live - The Slice O Life Tour -
    Date: Recorded May 15 - 17, 2008
    Venue/Place: East Coast USA
    Notes: Released as part of the 9 Disc Rumours of Glory box set (2014)
    1. Lovers In A Dangerous Time -x
    2. How I Spent My Fall Vacation -x
    3. Last Night of The World -x
    4. If I Had A Rocket Launcher -x
    5. Tokyo -+
    6. Tibetan Side Of Town -+
    7. The End Of All Rivers -+
    8. Going To The Country -*
    9. Pacing The Cage -*
    10. This Is Baghdad -*
    11. Stolen Land -*
    12. King Kong Goes To Tallahassee -x
    13. Child Of The Wind -x
    14. If A Tree Falls -x
    15. Wondering Where The Lions Are -x
    16. Mystery -x
    17. Put It In Your Heart -+
    18. World Of Wonders -+
    19. Wait No More -+

    The shows recorded were:
    x - The Iron Horse - Northhampton, MA
    + - Somerville Theatre - Boston,MA
    * - Kulp Auditorium - Ithaca, NY
    Some of this concert footage was also used in the documentary, Pacing the Cage

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    Pacing the Cage dvd cover Pacing the Cage
    DVD - 65 minute
    The feature film version and has 20 more minutes of material (than the TV special) including many full song performances. Riddle Films - Trailer
    Purchase at True North Records or at Amazon

    Clearwater Concert - Pete Seeger Birthday Party Clearwater Concert - Pete Seeger Birthday Party
    Date: December 2009
    DVD x2 Purchase ( )

    A two-DVD set featuring the star-studded concert held last May that celebrated Fishkill folk singer Pete Seeger's 90th birthday has been released.
    "The Clearwater Concert" was held May 3 at Madison Square Garden and included performances by Joan Baez, Bruce Springsteen, Dave Matthews and many others. Arlo Guthrie, Richie Havens, Kris Kristofferson, John Mellencamp, Emmylou Harris, Ani DiFranco, Bruce Cockburn, Toshi Reagon, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Tom Paxton, Billy Bragg, Taj Mahal, Michael Franti, Kate & Anna McGarrigle, Bela Fleck, Tommy Sands, Tony Trischka, Dar Williams, Steve Earle, Bernice Johnson Reagon, Ben Harper and Tom Morello also performed.
    The DVD costs $35 and all proceeds from sales will benefit Clearwater, which has taken an active role over decades in cleaning up the Hudson River and its watershed.

    Return to Nepal dvd cover Return to Nepal
    Date: October 2008
    DVD - 46 minutes -- Purchase - Kensington Tv
    Accompany musician Bruce Cockburn as he returns to the spectacular Himalayan nation after twenty years away. He finds a land where much has changed, with a Maoist government recently elected, women newly empowered and fresh initiatives to deal with the grinding poverty of the majority of the Nepali people. But itís also a land where, in some of the remotest areas, life is lived in much the same way it has been for centuries -- salt caravans, subsistence farming on steep mountain terraces and off-the-grid villages connected by an ancient network of footpaths.

    Return to Nepal is a revealing glimpse at a corner of the world we know little about, but whose people have much to offer us: spiritual wisdom, tactics for survival in a tough land and shining examples of interdependence and determination.

    This DVD contains more than 15 minutes of acoustic performances of Bruce Cockburn.

    A portion of the proceeds from this title goes to support the programs of USC Canada

    My Beat - The Life and Times of Bruce Cockburn dvd cover My Beat - The Life and Times of Bruce Cockburn
    Date: November 2001
    DVD - 42 min -- Purchase from Kensington Tv
    My Beat: The Life & Times of Bruce Cockburn is an intimate one-hour documentary that explores the life, music, passion and inspiration of a Canadian music icon.

    River of Sand cover River of Sand
    Date: 1999
    Length: 60 minutes -- Purchase from
    Notes: Documentary following Bruce through Mali, Africa examining the effects of desertification. In addition to instrumental passages and Bruce playing with local musicians, there is a re-worked version of World Of Wonders.

    Watch This!
    Date: April 2004
    Notes: Watch This! is Rounder Records' first-ever music video compilation. Featuring eight concept videos from such popular Zoe and Rounder artists as the Cowboy Junkies, Sarah Harmer, Bruce Cockburn, Kathleen Edwards, Great Big Sea, The Cash Brothers, Grant-Lee Phillips, and Blue Rodeo, Watch This! is a low-cost introduction to the music of some of the most talented artists in the Rounder family.
    Songs by Bruce:
  • Open - Bruce Cockburn (03:57)
  • Digital VideoDisc (DVD) $5.99
    Release: DVZOE 1044
    UPC: 6 01143 1044 9 7
    To order please call 1-800-ROUNDER (1-800-768-6337)

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    *SOUNDTRACKS* - contributions which include otherwise unreleased music:

    Beaver River Rat Race
    Date: 1970's
    Length: 9 minutes
    Notes: 16mm; "A documentary about a mad ritual which takes place every April in Thornbury, Ontario: over 400 crafts of various shapes and descriptions race along a seven mile section of white water, down the Beaver River." May contain otherwise unreleased music.

    Date: 1970's
    Length: 8 minutes
    Notes: 16mm; "A stylized study on the life of a stray cat in pastel animation." May contain otherwise unreleased music.

    Goin' Down The Road
    Date: 1971
    Length: 90 minutes
    Notes: In addition to the title song and Victim of the Rainbow, there is a short instrumental.

    Ernest Brown: Pioneer Photographer
    Date: 1973
    Length: VHS - 54 minutes -- Filmwest
    Notes: A dramatized historical film. In addition to re-done versions of Let Us Go Laughing and Dialogue With The Devil, there are approximately 15 minutes of other untitled music composed and played by Bruce in the film. A cassette of this music circulated among collectors had made up song titles added.

    Clown White
    Date: 1981
    Length: unknown
    Notes: This children's video features an acoustic soundtrack by Bruce. He also makes a cameo appearance in the video as a street busker. The film has been shown on the PBS series Wonderworks.

    Waterwalker VHS cover Waterwalker
    Date: 1984
    Length: 87 minutes
    Notes: Waterwalker was the last film Bill Mason made before his death, a portrait of the Lake Superior waters he most loved. It shows his journeys along Superiorís north shore and the rivers that flow into it. Bill Mason was perhaps Canadaís most accomplished documentary filmmaker, an artist, lover of wild places and wild rivers. In addition to the title song, Bruce and Hugh Marsh composed and play approximately 30 minutes of additional instrumental music.
    New: This has been made into a DVD, available for sale here.

    Diplomatic Immunity
    Date: 1991
    Length: 21:13
    Notes: Bruce plays charango on soundtrack; music composed and arranged by Jonathan Goldsmith; released on cd by Astral/Alliance International (no catalog number); there are at least two films with this title.

    The Man We Called Juan Carlos
    Date: 2000
    Length: 60 minutes
    Notes: 2001 Documentary on Central American activist; music composed by Cockburn and Janice Powers, includes excerpts from Cader Idris and Seeds On The Wind, plus various instrumental music throughout ranging from acoustic guitar to metallic percussion.
    Directed and produced by Heather MacAndrew and David Springbett for Asterisk Productions. (See the April, 2001 issue of Gavin's Woodpile for the story behind this documentary.)

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