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-- 19 July 2014 --

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19 July 2014


Fusion Festival


Surrey, BC, Canada

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2014 solo tour


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Submitted by Miles Husoy.

My dad and I had seen Bruce at The Vogue Theatre in 2003. I enjoyed that show, though I was disappointed he didn't perform "Lovers in a Dangerous Time". Thankfully, he made it for up at this show. I had never been to Surrey's Fusion Festival before.

This was a solo show on which he played three different acoustic guitars. I know for a fact that he opened his setlist with "Grim Travellers". All the other songs I submitted I remember as well. I snapped a few photos of him on my digital camera and he didn't seem to care. When I saw The Vogue Theatre show, the ticket explicitly said no cameras and no recorders. It seems to me that the artists themselves don't mind if the audience photographs or records their concerts, but unfortunately, the venues do. I couldn't help singing along with the curse words in "Tokyo", "If I Had a Rocket Launcher" and "Call It Democracy". Bruce told the audience that around 2014, he liked to play "Call It Democracy" and "God Bless the Children" (the oldest song in this set) back to back to contrast the lyrical subject matter. The crowd was so enthusiastic at the end of the show that Bruce inevitably came back for an encore. He announced, "This is the first time an officer of the law has ordered me back on stage. " If I remember, RCMP officers were working as security at the festival. It was a treat to hear "All the Diamonds" performed live. He didn't do a meet & greet afterwards, but whatever. I enjoyed the show, and my dad was disappointed he wasn't in town to join me for it. (Selim Yosuh)

He has also posted videos of a number of the songs on YouTube. And there are a few more videos linked from here.

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