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January 2000 issue. Click to
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2 December 1999 -- Page 108 of the 10th Anniversary, January 2000 issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine features the guitar tunings for all the songs on Cockburn's last Album, "Breakfast in New Orleans, Dinner in Timbuktu".

Tunings for songs on 'Breakfast'
When You Give It Away DADGBE
Mango EADF#BE, Capo 1
Last Night Of The World EADF#BE, Capo 3
Isn't That What Friends are For? EADF#BE, Capo 5*
Down To the Delta DACGCF
The Embers Of Eden EADF#BE
Blueberry Hill DADGBE
Let The Bad Air Out DADGBD
Look How Far DADGBE, Capo 3
Deep Lake CGDEGC
Use Me While You Can DADGBD

Other tunings from the article
Fascist ArchitectureEADF#BE**Understanding NothingEADF#BE**
Don't Feel Your TouchEADF#BE**The Coming RainsFACGCF
Live on My MindFACGCFDust And DieselFACGCF

* Corrected from Capo IV -- **Corrected from "DADF#BE" tuning. Thanks to Steve Meger for both.

Acoustic Guitar's 1997 review of The Charity of Night"

Cockburn's 23rd (!) album showcases all his many talents: soft acoustic balladry ("Pacing the Cage"), edgy electric rock ("The Mines of Mozambique"), instrumental guitar ("Mistress of Storms," a mesmerizing duet with vibraphonist Gary Burton), and spoken/sung poetry (the moody "Birmingham Shadows"). Most of the songs clock in at five or six minutes plus, leaving plenty of room for Cockburn's lithe fingerstyle solos and for the band to dig into grooves that feel like they could go on forever. In particular, Rob Wasserman's bass locks brilliantly into these songs, helping to raise Charity into the ranks of Cockburn's best albums. (Rykodisc) --Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers

Other BC tab, tuning & sheer music information

'Mango' from Cockburn's latest album was also transcribed in full by Acoustic Guitar, which also carried a transcription of 'Southland Of The Heart' in an extensive feature entitled "A close-up look at the passionate songs and intricate guitar craft of Bruce Cockburn" in issue #23 in 1994, and listed other open tunings that Cockburn uses in the same article, including CGCGCE (otherwise known as Open C), which Cockburn uses for 'Soul Of A Man'.

A correspondent to the Project, Karim Ben Ali Zinati, noted that the Open C tuning was also used for 'The Whole Night Sky' at a November 1999 gig in Italy. Karim also reported that 'Creation Dream', 'Mistress Of Storms', and 'Call It Democracy' were in drop-D tunings (DADGBE); 'Dialogue With The Devil', 'If I Had A Rocket Launcher', and 'Pacing The Cage' were in standard tunings (EADGBE); and 'Night Train' was in a drop-F# tuning (EADF#BE).

For other Bruce Cockburn guitar tunings, chords, and tabs, see tabs on the Project's website. Simlarly, check out the "Sheet Music" listing at the bottom of this page for details of how to get hold of the two Bruce Cockburn songbooks, 'All The Diamonds' and 'Rumours Of Glory', both available from the Ottawa Folklore Centre.

If you play acoustic guitar and enjoy finger-picking, Acoustic Guitar magazine regularly features tabs from contemporary guitarists like Cockburn and is definitely worth checking out. Thanks to Travis Adams for alerting the Project to this recent find.

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