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3 August 2010 - The CockburnProject was informed by Bernie that Bruce's mother passed away on Saturday, July 31, 2010. We here at the Project send our deepest condolences to Bruce and his family.

3 August 2010 - New Album - Small Source of Comfort

On the album front all is moving along at a fine clip. We do have a tentative name for the album now, "Small Source of Comfort".

There is still work needed to be done to complete the record but we are right on schedule for a release on March 1, 2011 but this is always subject to change.

The album has been recorded in Bath, Ontario; Nashville Tennessee; and San Francisco CA.
Both Jenny Sheinman and Annabel Chvostek play major roles on the CD.

Right now there are 15 songs and instrumentals. We'll see if they all make it on the record.
Some of the song titles are: Call Me Rose, Five Fifty-One, Boundless, Comets of Kandahar and Radiance.

We also continue to work away on our TV special which then would become an expanded DVD. Hard to say when this will be done as working with TV is a complicated scenario but progress is being made.

~ Bernie Finkelstein,

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