-- Radiance --
Camden East - 7 December 2009

Found on:

Small Source of Comfort (March 2011)

She strides across the blacktop
low-sun lit, golden
radiance is a woman
all women
all life

She turns her gaze to the window
daylight on her eyes
radiance is a woman
all women
all life

She laughs into her headset
like silver bells moonslashed
radiance is a woman
all women
all life

BC - Vocal, Guitar
Gary Craig - Drums
Jenny Scheinman - Violin
Tim Lauer - Accordian

Known comments by Bruce Cockburn about this song, by date:

  • From the Small Source of Comfort liner notes:

    Radiance (Camden East 12/07/09) - "I read an interview with Jungian psychologist Marion Woodman in which she made a reference to the Divine Feminine representing the radiance which pervades the cosmos. I liked the image. Then, driving down the road at sunset, I saw the first verse unfold."

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