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Return to Nepal

14 November 2008 - I contacted Kensignton Communications for information on the release of the DVD - Return to Nepal, and they said "We haven't solidified the release date for Return to Nepal just yet, but we should know in the next week or so." So I will keep checking. And when it is available, you'll be able to purchase it at their web store.

Return to Nepal DVD cover art Meanwhile it seems you can purchase it through USC-Canada. Send orders to: USC Canada, attention Kate Green, suite 705, 56 Sparks street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 5B1 Canada.
$25 each plus S&H of $ 4.95 for a total of $29.95 if we need to mail them out within North America.
For extra long distance, people should write to me directly and we can figure out the shipping costs.
The figures are in Canadian Dollars which is preferred, but the equivalent in US money order is fine too.
The format is the North American one, but that can be watched on any computer that has a media player program which most do.

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