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27 November 2007 - This in from USC Canada:

Hello Friends of USC Canada and friends of Bruce Cockburn, As you know, Bruce has returned to visit Nepal, the country he calls "hands down the most beautiful place on earth that I've seen." Cockburn returns twenty years after his first visit in 1987 with the same travel companion - Susan Walsh, USC Canada's Executive Director. Cockburn and Walsh will journey on foot, staying in the villages of Humla district, located in the northwest corner of the country

Many of Bruce's fans have been avidly following Bruce's journey back to Nepal, on his Path to Nepal

They have also begun contacting USC Canada to see how they can contribute to USC projects in the communities of Humla, Nepal. If you could please circulate this email, it will help us get the message out on how others can support the people of Humla.

You can give through USC's new Gifts that Grow Catalogue. The following gifts are destined for Humla*:

The Seedlings - $25
Drinking Water - $50
Vegetable Gardens -$500

*See below for more information on Humla, Nepal and the Gifts that Grow options for Humla.

Or, you can simply make a gift to USC Canada at: and be sure to indicate in the notes section that your gift is to be directed to Humla Nepal.

If you have any other questions, or if i can help you out in any other way, please don't hesitate to call me at 613-234-6827, or email directly at

Seedlings $25, Humla, Nepal
We are looking to raise $625 for seedlings in Nepal, a total of 25 gifts of $25. It costs one cent for one seedling of `Atis' (Aconitum heterophylum) - a medicinal herb that's used in both the traditional and modern medical practices in Humla. Each seedling, produced by a group of local farmers in a nursery, will be given to a farmer, to be transplanted on farmers' local fields.
Goal = 25 batches of 2000 seedlings.

Drinking Water $50, Humla, Nepal
$50 will provide two households with potable drinking water. USC's goal is to raise $3,000, which is a total of 60 gifts to provide a Drinking Water System that will serve 132 households or 800 people.

Vegetable Gardens $500, Humla Nepal
Our goal of receiving two gifts of $500, for a total of $1,000 will assist women in six villages to plant and maintain healthy vegetable gardens that improve the nutrition of their families and generate income through the sale of surplus produce. The gift includes the cost of tools and training on food processing. The cost per 3 villages is $500.

~from USC Canada.Brian McFarlane, Director, Fundraising and Financial Vibrancy.

USC Canada
56 Sparks Street, Suite 705
Ottawa ON K1P 5B1
613-234-6827 ext. 249

~bobbi wisby

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