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-- 19 September 2017 --

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19 September 2017


Club Soda


Montreal, QC. Canada

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Bone On Bone tour - Bruce Cockburn & band w/ Gary Craig-drums, John Dymond-bass, John Aaron Cockburn-accordian, electric guitar and violin.
Opening with special guest Terra Lightfoot.

Bruce Cockburn - Montreal - photo James St Laurent Photography

Bruce Cockburn's foot controls - Montreal - photo James St Laurent Photography




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Setlist submitted to the Project by Stephane Quiniou.
Great show! Bruce seemed to enjoy himself. The band was in great shape. Vinyls and CDís were for sale at the entrance. (I bought both of course ;-) For the guitar players: Someone asked what was the tuning for Bone on Bone, which he replied he calls it E GAD and Cafe Society is DADGAD.~ Stephane Quiniou

Photos courtesy of James St Laurent Photography.

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States I'm In - in studio ICI Musique

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ICI Musique in studio performance - Lovers In A Dangerous Time

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