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-- 17 September 2017 --

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17 September 2017


Harbourfront Theatre


Summerside, PEI. Canada

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Bone On Bone tour - Bruce Cockburn & band w/ Gary Craig-drums, John Dymond-bass, John Aaron Cockburn-accordian, electric guitar and violin.
Opening with special guest Terra Lightfoot.

Bruce Cockburn - PEI - photo Scott Shannon




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Setlist and photo submitted to the Project by Scott Shannon.
A few tunes we caught on Friday weren't played in PEI but once again a great mix of old/new tunes in both acoustic/electric formats graced our ears, with the new tunes again feeling fresh and vibrant but like I've known them forever as well - love Bruce's songwriting! And the playing ... again incredible despite Bruce being (admittedly) under the weather and going a bit "avant garde" with the vocals at times (his description, not mine - his voice still sounded great and full of the usual emotion). There were some musical hiccups at different times, but that's the nature of a live music -- cool to see the band interacting and reacting. Slightly different order to some of the tunes at the end of the set, with one change being If A Tree Falls as the penultimate tune of the set and Bruce making that electric guitar soar! In Freddy the new album's title track, Bone On Bone, was just Bruce; in Summerside it was mostly just Bruce with some wonderfully accented cymbal work from Gary Craig (who was perfect on drums/percussion both nights we saw, knowing just what to do and when!) ~Scott Shannon

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