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-- 18 November 2017 --

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18 November 2017


Old Town School of Folk Music


Chicago, IL. USA

Show comments:

Bone On Bone tour - Bruce Cockburn & band w/ Gary Craig-drums, John Dymond-bass, John Aaron Cockburn-accordian, electric guitar and violin.

Bruce Cockburn & band  - November 18, 2017 -  photo Tim Lowly

Bruce Cockburn & band  - November 18, 2017 -  photo Susan Przybylo


Set 2



Kevin Davey posted this setlist with the instruments played and added, "his renditions of Strange Waters and, at the end of the encore, Stolen Land, were transporting. Cockburn is always a brilliant guitarist and an effective singer, but when he gets on a roll, he is something to behold. Ending the show with a full-band rendition of Stolen Land was the perfect embodiment of the old performer’s principle - leave them wanting more.
It's good to see that, after sort of a dry period, Bruce is back!"

Tokyo - Fender 12-string electric
Lovers in a Dangerous Time - Fender 12
States I’m In - Manzer acoustic guitar
Forty Years in the Wilderness - Manzer
Free to Be - Manzer
Look How Far - 12-string acoustic - unknown make
Cafe Society - resonator guitar
Peggy’s Kitchen Wall - resonator guitar
If I Had a Rocket Launcher - Fender Stratocaster
- Intermission
Bone on Bone (instrumental) - resonator guitar
Stab at Matter - resonator guitar
Strange Waters - Fender 6-string electric (Jazzmaster?)
Mon Chemin - Manzer electric charango
Wondering Where the Lions Are - Manzer
False River - Manzer
If a Tree Falls - Fender Strat
The Gift - Fender 12
- Encore
Coldest Night of the Year - acoustic 12-string
Jesus Train - acoustic 12-string
Stolen Land - Fender Strat


Bruce Cockburn & John Aaron Cockburn  - November 18, 2017 -  photo Tim Lowly

Bruce Cockburn - November 18, 2017 -  photo Tim Lowly

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Setlist by Pat Miller.

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Tim Lowly - Facebook

If I Had A Rocket Launcher - Youtube - Karl Clifton-Soderstrom

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