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-- 17 November 2017 --

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17 November 2017


The Ark


Ann Arbor, MI. USA

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Bone On Bone tour - Bruce Cockburn & band w/ Gary Craig-drums, John Dymond-bass, John Aaron Cockburn-accordian, electric guitar and violin.

Setlist - Bruce Cockburn & band  - November 17, 2017 -  photo Kirsti Reeve


Set 2


Bruce Cockburn -pedal board  - November 17, 2017 -  photo Kirsti Reeve

For a great look into the gear, check out this article by Teaj.

This list is taken from the above article on Serious G.A.S. by Teaj:

Tokyo – the Fender Electric XII
Lovers in a Dangerous Time – Fender Electric XII
States I’m In – Manzer 6-string
40 Years in the Wilderness – Manzer 6-string
Free to Be – Manzer 6-string
Look How Far the Light Came – Manzer 12-string
Cafe Society – Dobro
Peggy’s Kitchen Wall – Dobro
If I Had a Rocket Launcher – Black Fender Strat
Bone On Bone – Dobro
Stab At Matter – Dobro
“Strange Waters” – Fender Electric XII
Mon Chemin – Manzer Charango
Wondering Where the Lions Are – Manzer 6-string
False River – Manzer 6-string
If a Tree Falls – Black Fender Strat
The Gift – the Fender Electric XII
The Coldest Night of the Year – Manzer 12-string
Jesus Train – Manzer 12-string
Stolen Land – Black Fender Strat

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Setlist submitted to the CockburnProject by Death Glider & Kirsti Reeve.

Submitted to the CockburnProject by Kirsti Reeve.

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Source: Audience recording > Roland R-05 (24/96)(internal mics) > usb > WAV > Adobe Audition 1.5 (editing) > CD Wave v1.94.8 (tracking) > Adobe Audition 1.5 (24/96 > 16/44) > TLH v2.4.1 (Build 160) > FLAC (level 6). Recorded, transferred, and edited by deathglider. Total time = 132:10.



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