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-- 15 November 2017 --

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15 November 2017


Rams Head


Annapolis, MD. USA

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Bone On Bone tour - Bruce Cockburn & band w/ Gary Craig-drums, John Dymond-bass, John Aaron Cockburn-accordian, electric guitar and violin.

Bruce Cockburn & band  - November 15, 2017 - photo - Matt Condon


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Setlist submitted to the CockburnProject by Marie Westhaver, who also commented,
Highlights: Great mix of old and new, and I was thrilled that he played Coldest Night, one of my all-time favorite Bruce songs. But he really threw it down with "If a Tree Falls" (whammy bar!)! The band took off into a whole other dimension during that song. Bruce's nephew was playing a violin by that time (after an accordion and guitar in other songs), and the the audience gave them a standing ovation afterwards, even though the last song wasn't until the next one. When they got to Stolen Land as the really-really last song, the band went for broke on that one, too. How do you play like that after playing all night like that? Amazing...! For those of you with upcoming concert tickets, the band is coming to play :)

Photo: Chunky Glasses - Matt Condon. More excellent photos here.

Video: all on youtube by westernmaryland1928

Coldest Night Of The Year

If A Tree Falls
Free To Be
Lovers In A Dangerous Time
If I Had A Rocket Launcher

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