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-- 25 June 2017 --

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25 June 2017


Kate Wolf Music Festival


Laytonville, CA. USA

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Solo & with special guest Jenny Scheinman

Bruce Cockburn - Kate Wolf Festival 25June2017- photo by Kim Sallaway



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Bruce Cockburn & Jenny Scheinman - Kate Wolf Festival 25June2017- photo by Kim Sallaway

Setlist and review submitted by Bobbi Wisby,
*Forty Years In The Wilderness is a new song on the forthcoming album Bone On Bone which is slated for release in Spetember 2017.

Photos by Kim Sallaway.

The Kate Wolf Festival takes place in northern California about 4 hours north of San Fransisco. The week before and the week of saw temperatures well over 100*F ! Sunday the temps were down just a bit but it was very hot.

We (my husband Russel was with me) only went down to the show on Sunday arriving around noon, finding a place for chairs in the shade and meeting up with old friends. Eventually we made our way back stage and I caught up with Jon Erickson, Bruce's tour manager and sound tech, we had a nice conversation and he connected me to the person to coordinate my seating up front 'in the pit' which is directly in front of the stage. I had asked for pit seating due to vision difficulties.

Bruce, MJ and Iona (who has lost 2 front teeth!) had been on a short RV vacation and were already there enjoying the festival along with Jenny Scheinman and her family. I did see him briefly before the show, but most of our contact was after.

He came onstage around 5pm, by that time we were mostly in the shade thankfully, and the music bowl filled up. Bruce is sitting on a high stool for the shows lately, makes is easier on the body, and I fully support him doing this! He did not talk to us very much, as festivals are always short sets and he only had so much time. He played Forty Days In The Wilderness, wonderful new song, which is on the upcoming Bone On Bone album, he stated that 'album' was old school, and I asked if it would be out on vinyl and YES it will be.. so old is new once again.

He looks great, feels good, sounded wonderful and strong.

Bruce Cockburn - SEVA guitar - Kate Wolf Festival 25June2017- photo by Kim Sallaway

Half way through, Jenny came out and joined him. I love this womans energy and playing, what she does with that instrument is amazing to me and her and Bruce together have a special gift.. they really play well off each other and I am mesmerized by them. It was all over way too soon. There was no encore as the next band needed to come on.. although the crowd really did call out for more.

Bruce & Jenny - Rouler sa Bosse, video by Bob Doran on Instagram

Each year at the Kate Wolf Music Festival participating artists sign a guitar which is auctioned to raise funds for the SEVA Foundation. Bruce Cockburn signed it after his performance.

Backstage, later, Bruce and I had a chance to catch up and just talk for half an hour or so. It was fun to watch Iona and Bruce together, she is keeping him young that is for sure. Jon and I had some more time to visit and talk turntables and other recording stuff. Then the camera's came out and the guitar was signed and it was time to move on down the road.

If anyone reading this has a chance to catch Bruce on this tour, don't hesitate!

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