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-- 9 July 2017 --

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9 July 2017


Mariposa Folk Festival


Orillia, ON. Canada (Tudhope Park)

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Solo -

Also, Bruce Cockburn in conversation at Estelle Klein Stage 3 p.m.

Bruce Cockburn - Mariposa 2017 - photo Mehreen Shahid - The Packet Times - Bruce Cockburn had a heart-to-heart with audiences.

Bruce Cockburn - Mariposa 2017 - photo John Swartz -

Bruce Cockburn - Mariposa 2017 official photo


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*Forty Years In The Wilderness is a new song on the forthcoming album Bone On Bone which is slated for release in Spetember 2017.

Photos from:
John Swartz -
Mehreen Shahid - The Packet Times Mariposa Official Photos

From Festival goes out with a bang By John Swartz
July 10, 2017 - Sunday's main stage audience was on par with other years for magnitude - even after a 20-minute downpour during Bruce Cockburn's set. I happened to be backstage when the rain started and retreated into the dining tent. Cockburn continued to play through the shower. Before his set was over I wandered out to head up to the pub and was shocked to see virtually the same size audience still parked in front of the stage, very few left because of the rain.

Cockburn appeared in the middle of the line up instead of at the end of the night because of feedback from festival goers who lament they always have to miss the Sunday headliner because of long drives ahead to go home. In that regard, the Great Lakes Swimmers had to come to terms with following Cockburn on stage, and they did it admirably. The audience cheered just as much for them as they did for Cockburn.

Lovers In A Dangerous Time
Lovers In A Dangerous Time
video by Nancy Atkinson - Onedayatatime

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