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-- 13 August 2016 --

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13 August 2016


Bear Creek Folk Festival - This is the first year of this festival.


Grand Prairie, AB. Canada

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Solo - Bruce took the stage at 2pm and also did a workshop in the late afternoon.

Bruce Cockburn - Bear Creek Folk Festival - photo Jim Gurnett


Bruce had his 6-string, 12-string and the charango.




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Setlist submitted by Russ Cole.
At the 5:00 workshop, he did "Twelve Gates To The City" (Rev. Gary Davis spiritual, which he sometimes plays at soundchecks), and another tune, which I can't remember, and "Stained Glass", with Don Ross. They had discussed, in the weeks leading up to the festival, doing this song. Don told me that it was the tune that inspired him to become a guitar player.

I was trying to find Don and get him over to Bruce's trailer so that they could rehearse after Bruce's main stage set. When I got back to the trailer, Don had found his way there, and they were talking. The workshop started in about 20 minutes, so Bruce said that there really wasn't time to rehearse. Don said, "Let's just run through it once", so Bruce relented and got out his guitar. They played it through one time, and worked on a couple other bits, and then it was time to get over to the other stage. The changeover was a little chaotic, but we got them on and off they went.

The other performers were - a guy named Bahamas (who was very funny, and a huge Cockburn fan), and a woman named Maria Dunn, who had 2 other musicians with her, plus Don and Bruce. Don told his story about being a young guitarist, and what Bruce had meant to him, and they played "Stained Glass". It was very special, and Don was ecstatic to be able to play it with his idol. Bruce later told me he hadn't played that song in "forever". - Russ Cole

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Pre-show interview: Daily Herald Tribune - Cockburn Makes Grand Prairie debut

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