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-- 9 September 2013 --

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9 September 2013


Centre for the Performing Arts


Dryden, ON, Canada

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2013 band tour, with Gary Craig and Jenny Scheinman


Bruce in Dryden



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Submitted by Murray Harrison.

A different kind of a venue than I'm used to - a combination educational and entertainment facility with classrooms and a theater section, right across from the high school. Quite small (500) and there only seemed to be about 20 people afterward looking to see Bruce and get a signing, so he only needed to be there for about 45 minutes. I told him I appreciated whenever he brings out old songs and reworks them, like the old songs from the 70s, or reworks band songs into solo versions, and I mentioned too that I hadn't heard Grim Travellers since the 80s. Maybe it's been done since then - I don't recall. But there were five 70s songs in the show, more than I've encountered before since my first show in 1980. Got him to sign my vinyl LP of the first album and a photo-op I had with him in Minneapolis two years ago.

I'm now starting to get a nice collection of signed Bruce albums on vinyl and CD since he started doing this after shows about 2 years ago. Well worth the four and a half hour trip from Winnipeg. Quite nice to head up to a little Ontario town of 8,000 I've only passed by a few times decades ago and never really seen, and to combine it with a Bruce concert in a quiet town and concert setting.

The song he's playing in the photo (with the capo on the 8th fret) is definitely All The Diamonds. This is how he played it in the 70s - same key and arrangement, and I took note of this as I was writing down the set list during the show.

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