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-- 12 August 2013 --

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12 August 2013


Stanley Industrial Stage


Vancouver, BC, Canada

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2013 band tour, with Gary Craig and Jenny Scheinman



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Submitted by John Glen Hansman and Audrey, who contributed the following:

Grim Travellers had new lyrics, a new arrangement and great jams. Wondering Where The Lions Are was complete with yellow lights from the stage that beamed across the audience, while Stolen Land was the best live version I've heard - and I've heard that song live many, many times. Great, great jams and intensity. Look How Far was very sweet and tender and full of longing, and, in Called Me Back, Gary used a golf club to hit the cymbal - those of us in the front burst out laughing. I expect the kitchen sink to become an instrument next! Finally, Anything Can Happen again was more fun for Bruce, and we all sang along at the end. It was the best gig I've been to in years. Bruce was having fun on stage and playing his heart out. The band was really tight with lots of great jams.

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