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DATE: 2 December 2008
SHOW COMMENTS: With Jenny Scheinman

Barbes gigSETLIST

  • Albert (Jenny Scheinman)
  • Slow Down Fast
  • Break Your Little Feet (Jenny Scheinman)
  • Jerusalem Poker
  • Beautiful Creatures
  • Motherlap (Jenny Scheinman)
  • This Is Baghdad
  • It’s Better With You Gone (Jenny Scheinman)
  • Bone In My Ear
  • Still Just A Child (Jenny Scheinman)
  • You’re Losing Time (Jenny Scheinman)
  • The City Is Hungry
  • Happy Woman Blues (Jenny Scheinman)
  • They Call Me Rose (Richard Nixon)
  • Put It In Your Heart


    Setlist and first two photos submitted by Mark Medvin:

    The Barbes backroom is a totally intimate venue. Approximately 50 people sat or stood comfortably filling a room approximately 400 square feet. Jenny performs there pretty much weekly and often has guest musicians.

    Jenny said hello to everyone and introduced Bruce and said that it will be a mix of both of hers and Bruce’s music. There was a lot of fun conversation between Bruce and Jenny and the audience during the tuning between songs. Jenny and Bruce played exquisitely together. Jenny is an extremely accomplished violinist and she plays a mean charango and mandolin. She has an excellent voice. Her instrumental addition to Bruce’s songs was only topped by her vocal addition. Bruce’s guitar and vocals were as welcome an addition to her songs. They played for almost 2 hours.

    Bruce played great and sounded great and I cannot say enough so I will leave it at this. Truly amazing. He was definitely having fun, and I believed he enjoyed the show as much as we did.

    Barbes gig

    Bruce introduced The City Is Hungry as a pretty new song but not absolutely new. He did a Live Solo album that was recorded last Spring and will be out in March. He mentioned that he does not know why it takes so long.

    After Happy Woman Blues, Jenny mentioned that it was an old Lucinda Williams song that even Lucinda and her guitarist didn’t remember.

    Before the Richard Nixon song, Bruce said that he had written it “a while ago” but it never really worked out on the first attempt. And then “a little while ago” he figured out “how to make it work... What would the real rehabilitation of Richard Nixon look like?”

    One story goes something like this. Someone in the audience asked nicely if Bruce would do Dust And Diesel. Bruce said nicely “No, thank you for asking but it’s a bit long since I played that one and I don’t think I remember how it goes. I’ll try to get it together for next time.” The audience member pointed out that he saw Bruce do it about 4 years ago on Long Island. Bruce said, “That was probably the last time.” Everyone laughed. Another audience member added that he saw Bruce do it in Albany in 2007. After a couple of oooh’s Bruce said, “I can’t lie anymore. I can’t lie anymore at all.” It was a lot of fun. I can’t imagine that it gets more intimate than this.

    Third photo submitted by Neal Fishman


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