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DATE: 8 September 2006
VENUE/SHOW: Tupelo Music Hall
LOCATION: Londonderry, New Hampshire, USA
SHOW COMMENTS: Gary Craig on percussion, Julie Wolf on accordion and keyboards.



Submitted by Sandy:

The show at Tupelo was pretty much as good as it can get. The small venue, excellent seats, great sound, appreciative audience and of course Bruce & the band's outstanding performance made it a night to cherish.

The doors opened at 7:15 for an 8:00 show but the house was packed for a sold-out show and the end of the line didn't make it through the doors until just about 8:30. It was definitely intimate - in fact a little too close. The first row seats were almost touching the stage and this seemed to make it a little uncomfortable both for the performers and the people in those seats. Julie & Gary were pretty much boxed in by their equipment & had to climb over things just to get to their seats. Bruce came in to a standing ovation. He acknowledged the wonderful welcome and went right into the first set. We had 2nd row seats and were mesmerized for the whole show.

He invited everyone to sing along on Wondering Where The Lions Are - that we would all know the words. And if anyone didn't, he was sure our neighbors would & could teach us quickly. Praised us at the end for our wonderful singing and said we could feel free to sing along with any of the rest of the songs.

He said his friend Celia said Life Short, Call Now was the saddest song she'd ever heard - until the next one which was Beautiful Creatures (the falsetto was actually appealing this time. Maybe coz we were so close we weren't getting the whole amplified effect). Someone called out asking about the title to The End Of All Rivers - it was hard to understand what they were saying - they mentioned something about "sea". Bruce replied with the title & that it was on Speechless - then said he thought at first they were confusing him with another Canadian band, Great Big Sea.

Bruce said that Dust And Diesel and The Mines Of Mozambique were from kind of the "sub-genre of the things I do" - small countries with bad things going on. We weren't sure if he considered it a sub-genre of what he does or if he was saying his audience/critics/reviewers considered it that way. This Is Baghdad was introduced as "another song from the same sub-genre, but from a very different place than either of those".

In Mystery quite a few people did stand at the last line "stand up & let it shine" which Bruce acknowledged with a smile to all those that were standing.

See You Tomorrow had an introduction about how long ago when Bruce was 19 & in music school in Boston, something about he couldn't work coz he wasn't legal - not sure exactly what he said here - that he had a dorm mate that was running guns to Cuba & wanted someone to watch his back, so Bruce was offered the job. Bruce said all he knew about morals at that time were the ones he was trying to get rid of. But then he realized the guy just wanted someone to stand between him & the bullets so Bruce turned the job down.

On one of the songs, after an extended solo, Julie got a big "You Rock Julie" from the audience, which she and Bruce both smiled in acknowledgement, but I can't remember which song. She really does compliment Bruce wonderfully.



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