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DATE: 6 September 2006
VENUE/SHOW: The Music Hall
LOCATION: Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA
SHOW COMMENTS: Gary Craig on percussion, Julie Wolf on accordion and keyboards.



Submitted by Dave, and Sandy who adds:

We just got back from the show in Portsmouth NH. For the most part the set list was pretty much the same as it's been, tho' we were treated to one surprise that I don't think has shown up at any of the other shows so far.

Bruce seemed very relaxed. He didn't do much chit-chatting until after the second set when he introduced This Is Baghdad and then when he explained about the "surprise". The audience was pretty subdued. Only 2 call-outs for songs until the encores. The sound was absolutely wonderful from our seats in the balcony. As stated in one of the last posts - relied mostly on songs from Life Short Call Now - which is not one of my favourite albums but as others have said - they do seem "better" live - except for Beautiful Creatures which I'm one of the ones that the falsetto just makes me cringe. My husband said it hurt his ears.

The surprise - during the encores, Bruce explained how this next song was about the sea that used to be in the upper St. Lawrence seaway area - Montreal, Ottawa, upstate NY - that you can still find seashells there if you go digging. He said the song didn't make it onto the album coz there were already too many long, slow songs. But it is available online - or so he's been told - if you want to be complete. That it's not a scam - or not his scam anyway. And we were treated to Twilight On The Champlain Sea. He forgot the words - said they were gonna live with this rhythm 'til he could think of what comes next - and he did figure it out.


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