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DATE: 13 September 2006
VENUE/SHOW: The Birchmere
LOCATION: Washington, DC, USA
SHOW COMMENTS: Gary Craig on percussion, Julie Wolf on accordion and keyboards.


Bruce in Washington
Bruce in Washington
Bruce in Washington


Photos by Rex Parvin.

Submitted by Jeff Trice and Heather Dolstra who adds:

I think I may have the distinction of being one of the few people who was at Bruce's first appearance in DC, at the Cellar Door in 1978. I've been to most of his area performances ever since, having been introduced to his
music while I was working in Ontario in the very early '70's (long before his records were available for sale in the U.S.). Loyal fan would be a gross understatement. My husband has wisely tolerated and indulged my passion over the years by joining me at most of the concerts! That being said, I am not a Bruce nerd. And although I dreamed last week that I met Bruce at long last and had the most wonderful conversation, I'm way too shy to hang around the stage door and too busy enjoying the music to take note of which guitar he uses for which song!!

However, in the spirit of joining the Bruce group on Yahoo, here is the set list for the Birchmere show. I would judge it was a full house. The crowd was alternately wildly enthusiastic and reverent, which is just what you want. Gary Craig and Julie Wolf were in high gear, which certainly added to the whole experience. It was really one of best all-around concerts (of Bruce's) that I've been to, and that's saying a lot. To the endless cries of "Brooooooce, Brooooce", himself said coyly, "I keep hearing people yelling, Booze, Booze! Don't they serve you anything to drink with your dinner here?" And when someone yelled out, "The Birchmere loves you", Bruce replied that there seemed to be some affection on display from the people within, as well. Yep, right about that! It was, as always, way too short.



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