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DATE: 17 October 2006
VENUE/SHOW: Empire Theatre
LOCATION: Belleville, Ontario, Canada
SHOW COMMENTS: Gary Craig on percussion, Julie Wolf on accordion and keyboards.

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Submitted by Nancy Bouwma:

Bruce stepped onto the stage dressed in dark colours. I wondered for a moment if this would be a reflection of his mood. I was mistaken, he was light hearted and shared his captivating smile easily all evening.

Before he played Wondering Where The Lions Are, he asked if we (the audience) had partaken of enough beverages in the beautiful lounge at The Empire to put us in a singing mood. He then went on to say that he was sure some of us would be "wildly enthusiastic" about his next choice of song, while others should just fake it or follow along with those beside us. There was a good response from the mostly older crowd with many singing along. He then invited us to sing the next one with him although it may be tricky considering it was the beautiful instrumental, Jerusalem Poker.

My other favourite instrumental of the evening was The End Of All Rivers. This tune turned into an all out jazz session with Gary Craig and Julie Wolf both taking off in all kinds of directions. Gary had many intruments of percussion at his disposal, bells, gong, bongos, tubular bells, and every kind of cymbal going and he used them all expertly as always. Afterwards, Bruce went on to say that this song was from the Speechless album. His friend from the West coast thought that was a brilliant name for an instrumental album, until his 12 year old daughter commented that Hilary Duff also has an album of the same name. Bruce wondered if maybe they had more in common than he thought.

The highlight of the evening for me was Slow Down Fast, I love it on the album, but enjoyed it even more seeing Bruce do it in person. He put lots of gravel in his voice for this one and seemed to be playing with his vocalizations and enjoying it.

He ended the show with Mystery, I thought he was looking around to see who was singing along, many were. This is such a great tune to harmonize with, I think it may become the new Bruce anthem as time passes.
Of course the capacity crowd showed their appreciation by hooting and hollering and whistling (that would be me) until we brought him back out to the stage. He returned saying that he thanked us all for coming out and that he appreciated the fact that we brought our hearts along with us, then he said that he guessed we didn't have a choice but to bring along our hearts, he said that he could feel them this night. Then it started, the crowd shouted out random requests and Bruce was open to hear what people were asking for. One gal asked if he would accept her request, he replied, "it depends which denomination it's written on." She then responded with, "would a ten do?" He said that sounds pretty good. She ran up to the front of the stage and started digging through her purse, all she had was a toonie. Bruce did ask her what she would like to hear and she requested Peggy's Kitchen Wall. Bruce truly did seem sorry to say that they hadn't practised that one in a long while, so they could not play it. It was all very light hearted and amusing to see this woman running right up to the front of the stage. Others made their requests from their seats and Bruce listened. He even returned for a second encore and played the most requested song of the night, All The Diamonds.

It was a great show, we were treated to a mix of old and new songs. Dust And Diesel made an appearance, I haven't seen him do that one at a show for years. Bruce commented on the fact that this song arose from his first trip to a third world country and that it had such an affect on him that it led to many other similar journeys.
The only new song I was wishing to hear was See You Tomorrow. I asked for it when he returned for the second encore, he said that it was the last one on the list, but that I hadn't yelled as loud as the others for the request of All The Diamonds. He began retuning his guitar to play All The Diamonds so I missed out this time, I'll remember to get my request in earlier next time!



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