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DATE: 17 November 2006
VENUE/SHOW: Poor David's
LOCATION: Dallas, Texas, USA
SHOW COMMENTS: Gary Craig on percussion, Julie Wolf on accordion and keyboards.

Bruce in DallasSETLIST


Bruce in DallasSubmitted by Michael Beaver. Adam Yavner sent the photos and adds the following:

The setting was the small, open, intimate venue Poor David's Pub in downtown Dallas. There was seating on the floor at round tables with plastic chairs, or near the bar along a rail slightly elevated. We chose these, as they had nicer chairs and a more unobstructed view. In any case, I don't think we were more than 15 feet away from the band.

We got there at 6-ish but the doors didn't open till 7.30. The guy at the door tipped me that the band was about to go to a restaurant across the street, so we headed over there and got seats and ate. The band and roadies did indeed come and they got a big table and had their dinner, but Bruce was not among them. Later, I saw that they took a doggie bag to the pub for him.

The setlist has already been documented, but I will try to fill in some details. First of all, his voice and playing were dead on. He was really having a great time, and it showed. Not particularly chatty this time round, but he made a few little jokes and quips here and there. He used the 2 Manzers for the entire first set, I believe.

During Wondering Where The Lions Are, the crowd really pitched in this time and he said we were much better than Austin (earlier in the week) which got lots of applause and laughter.

Jerusalem Poker, Beautiful Creatures, End Of All Rivers - much, MUCH better live.... these songs were meant to be played live. Gary Craig was very animated during the latter, standing up and walking from bells to chimes to gongs and just hitting whatever needed to be hit at exactly the right time. I must say that Gary adds an element of depth and texture that has been missing in Bruce's live show for quite some time. Julie adds a lot too, but it seems more complete now.

After the break, Bruce broke out the shiny metal Dobro for Wait No More and Dust And Diesel, then brought out the big guns - the big Guild 12 string - for the next few. The blue resolectric came out for Slow Down Fast - he and Julie had some fun with this one - they played they solos completely off key and as cacophanous as any sound I have ever heard - not even like jazzy noodling - just banging away like a cat on the keyboard or like he was throwing his guitar off a rocky cliff... but, they were laughing the whole time and it was fun. Still, a little of that goes a long way.

When he came out for the encores to thunderous applause, he chuckled and said "Definitely better than Austin.... or drunker... either way is OK by me!" which got plenty of laughter.

Then the Manzers came out to finish up the show up until the 2nd encore, when he played See You Tomorrow and Nude Descending A Staircase; it was a shiny black hollowbody archtop, and I couldn't quite make out the brand. Very different sound for him.



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