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DATE: 31 August 2006
VENUE/SHOW: Variety Playhouse
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
SHOW COMMENTS: Gary Craig on percussion, Julie Wolf on accordion and keyboards.

Bruce in AtlantaSETLIST


Submitted by Bob Bernstein and Terry Tveraas. Kel adds (and supplied the photo and setlist scan):

Atlanta setlistThe intimate venue (671 seats) in Little Five Points Atlanta was nearly full with a mature audience. It is easily the first show I've seen there where the average age was around 40. However, the older crowd was certainly not subdued as they cheered and shouted and gave numerous standing ovations. There was no opening act. Bruce, along with percussion master Gary Craig and keyboard/vocalist/songwriter Julie Wolf took the stage around 8:15, played nearly an hour, took a break, did nearly another hour, and then two encores. The show ended shortly before 11 despite the crowd's hollering for a fifth round. The set list speaks for itself, but the jazzy instrumentals nearly stole the show. He ended with an unsettling discordant dirge played on his 12 string guitar. It was an odd way to end, not on a high poppish note, but rather a song that continued to haunt long after the show.

Half way through the concert he told us he was probably sharing too much information, but that his parents did not know he was having sex until he was fifty. He and his partner stayed the night at his parent's house on an iron bed in the guest bedroom. When they came down the next morning he noted his mama looked disconcerted, but that his dad looked a bit jealous. Bruce was open and warm and brilliant, and the crowd threw plenty of love back at him. It was an honor to see him live again, and he managed to make me feel young -- for which I am eternally grateful.



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