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DATE: 26 August 2006
VENUE/SHOW: Old Town School Of Folk
Chicago, Illinois, USA
SHOW COMMENTS: Gary Craig on percussion, Julie Wolf on accordion and keyboards.



Submitted by Doug Stacey:

The Old Town School of Folk is an actual school that also houses an "in house" performance stage. It's a great venue, very intimate. There are two rows of small tables right in front of the state that usually sell to "members" of the school. Then just 6 rows of seats in a theater setting slanting up from the stage formed in sort of a semi-circle. There is also a small balcony with 4 rows. There is also another set of small tables around the back of the main floor. The acoustics are near perfect. That said, it is a much different feel than a few nights before in a bar in Milwaukee! Much "stuffier". The crowd, while supportive and genuinely enthused, would clap politely and then become quiet until the next song.

After doing Open and Lovers In A Dangerous Timeto start the show Bruce asked who was there last night and there was a smattering of applause and he said something like 'good, not too many, for those of you who were here you're going to hear a lot of the same material'. I then yelled out "Wednesday" and he sort of chuckled and said he wasn't going to worry about days earlier in the week, but I guess some of you could have been in Milwaukee, to which there was another smattering of applause.

The first set was song for song the same as Milwaukee (see below) and the exact same as the first night in Chicago based on what I read on Humans. After The End Of All Rivers, which again I found a highlight, someone did call out "all the practising has paid off". Bruce chuckled and said "I feel sort of like the Wizard of Oz, pay no attention to those 4 guitars behind the curtains" an obvious reference to the heavy reverb he uses on that song.
He kind of feels he's 'cheating' a bit it seems. He went on to say,"It's like the village people, they had 8 singers behind the curtain doing the actual singing so they could do the dance moves." Can't say I've ever heard a reference to the village people at a Cockburn show before!

Other than that not much notable other than it was great to see the man live, in concert again and I did come away with the cover of my LP version of Stealing Fire signed by Bruce for my son, who was happily enjoying his
seat that Julie promised him the other night. Can't say more about her kindness. In talking with her after the show she said she is going to be back in town with some other artist at the end of November and she's going
to let us know when and where in case we want to come out and see them. Sounds like Bruce will definitely be taking a break after the second six weeks of shows if she's already scheduled to go out on tour with someone



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