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DATE: 25 August 2006
VENUE/SHOW: Old Town School Of Folk
Chicago, Illinois, USA
SHOW COMMENTS: Gary Craig on percussion, Julie Wolf on accordion and keyboards.



Submitted by Kevin Davey:

The first set he only played his Manzers. (Pretty impressive to see two Manzers on stands side by side -- probably $20K worth of merchandise right there!) Second set he played the Resophonic, several guitars of unknown make, including a sunburst-finished 12-string, a relatively large-bodied acoustic, an electric with a
resonator-looking thing in it, and an archtop -- plus one or more of the Manzers.

The "band" was Gary Craig, very active on drums and percussion and obviously having a great time, and Julie Wolf on keyboards, accordion, and backing vocals. No bass player, but it sounded like Julie might be playing a keyboard bass at times.

Bruce was in a good mood, and talked a fair amount between songs, without any long stories. He asked who wanted to sing, and gave us a hard time when a lot of us didn't raise our hands. He did Wondering Where The Lions Are for the singalong, then invited us to sing whenever we felt the need. Then he said the next song might be a challenge to sing, and played an instrumental. Funny guy!

Some highlights -- he played the unidentified electric on Slow Down Fast. Part way through, he threw in an arrhythmic, atonal lead that sounded like he was channeling the ghost of Frank Zappa. He used his growly singing voice on the song.

The falsetto part on Beautiful Creatures somehow worked better for me than it did on the recording.

He started the second set by noodling a little bit of Danny Boy before he went into Peace March.

When he came out for the first encore, he acknowledged the shouts from the crowd by saying, in a sort of British accent, "Now commences the calling out of the titles."

Overall, a very good show -- not on the level of some I've been to (e.g., the Vic, ca. 1987, or the OTS fund raiser) but a good time for all concerned. My 18th or 19th Bruce concert.

Christine Buerger adds:

He was moderately chatty, more than I've heard at some shows& less at others, but he did seem in a good mood. When he was intro'ing the last song before intermission Friday, he said something about making sure we take advantage of the time to hit the restrooms! (Most everyone was drinking something...) He seemed bemused that he was discussing bathroom matters with us!! And I could swear that during Mystery -- when he sings "Infinity always gives me vertigo", he's grinning underneath his 'stache. And he also mentioned that he no longer lives in Montreal.



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