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DATE: 14 October 2004
Centre Culturel de Beloeil
Beloeil, QC, Canada





Submitted by
Gregory Moran:

What a pleasant surprise it was to find out last summer that Bruce would be touring my home province of Québec in the fall. Most of the venues announced were within 2 hours from my house – Bruce wasn’t covering understandably all of the 1,724,564 square kilometres of the province. An area 13 times greater than that of the state of New York. I settled for the venue in Beloeil, only 15-20 minutes away from where I live. I hesitated between this venue and the one in Lachine at the Pavillon de l’Entrepôt, which is a very fine showroom located in an historic building. I considered attending both.

A word about the venue. The Centre culturel de Beloeil (Beloeil cultural centre) is about 30-40 minutes from downtown Montréal. Beloeil is a very lovely, fairly distant upscale suburb of Montréal located on beautiful Richelieu river. This is a fairly new centre, which seats 427 and has excellent acoustics. There are shows (music, dance, etc.) here every weekend.

My 15-year-old son who started playing guitar last summer came along. When we arrived, we went to the washroom. Just as we were leaving the washroom, we heard from behind a (locked) closed door in the washroom Bruce starting to play Everywhere Dance. He must have been no more than 15 feet from behind that door. Despite the door separating the washroom from wherever he was, it sounded just great, just like someone playing in the next room. We stayed in the washroom until the very last note. My son commented on how great Bruce's voice sounded.

Bruce had 4 guitars with him : 2 acoustic guitars (Manzers probably), 1 resophonic and a 12 string acoustic guitar. He took one of the acoustic guitars and then played [the first few songs]. Tried And Tested sounded real great on acoustic guitar. He then switched over to the resophonic guitar and played a really beautiful guitar instrumental and indicated to the audience that they shouldn't have any problem with the lyrics of this one (the Beloeil area is over 98% French). This really sounded great as he played along the entire neck of the guitar. Sure hope this one is recorded in the near future. He concluded with an excellent rendition of Wait No More.

After the break, Bruce then used the 12 string acoustic guitar for the next 3 songs. He then went back to the 6 string acoustic guitar for the rest of the show. The solo in Trickle Down was admirable, as noted by my son who was really enjoying the event. He mentioned that Tokyo was the 3rd city song that evening. While singing Peggy's Kitchen Wall, he sang "how come the window's open" rather than "how come the window's broken". Between verse 1 and 2, he mentioned in a barely audible voice that, of course, it would be open.

From my personal point of view, Bruce is at his best when playing in solo. His guitar playing is precise and flawless. Once again, an excellent evening.



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