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DATE: 14 February 2004
Egyptian Theatre
Boise, ID, USA
SHOW COMMENTS: With Julie Wolf.



Submitted by
Linda Laz, who introduced that night's concert:

"Hello Boise and Happy Valentines Day! What a Valentines gift we have for us, eh? My name is Linda Laz. I produce a little show on KBSU-FM called the Laz Spectrum and, as you may know, I play a healthy dose of Bruce Cockburn music. I am thrilled and honored to be here tonight. I've waited 25+ years and now we're
here! Bruce Cockburn is my #1 musical hero. He is a humble man and is probably embarrassed that I would say that, but I'm saying it anyway. Tonight let's put Boise permanently on Bruce's tour map. Please give a hearty Idaho welcome to Mr Bruce Cockburn!"

The concert was just Bruce and Julie! And it was awesome! His guitar playing was exquisite, and Julie was a perfect complement. Julie talked about the "smell" in the theater. It was caramel corn (the theater is actually a movie theater most of the time), and she said it smelled good, a little distracting, but good. Someone got her a big bagful of it.

Bruce talked about riding a bicycle and "being in the moment" because if you're not, some fucker's gonna get you. He said he has a mountain bike but does not ride on mountains. He's an urban biker. He said that not only do you have to be in the moment with cars (because they're more concerned about dents from bigger things) but you have to be aware of pedestrians. He said pedestrians were worse than vehicles and talked about a guy who walked out between two cars (well ahead of Bruce) and crossed the street. He said he was okay with that because the guy made it across the street but then the guy turned around and 2 feet in front of Bruce, a Rotweiler ran out from between the cars. He said it was lucky it already had a short tail because he would have caught it in his spokes otherwise.

He also talked about Baghdad more: about the bomb and how the citizens just kept going without flinching even though 35 people were killed and over a hundred wounded a short distance away. He made a comment about the Iraqi citizens being numbed by these events. He talked a great deal about the injustices and how we are being misled by our leaders (someone in the audience says "it's bullsh*t". I think he thought they were talking about what he was saying, so he said in surprise, "It's bullsh*t??" Someone else clarified what she meant and he went on.

After the intermission, he never said another word, although he certainly sang those songs. I don't know if he was prewarned that Idaho is ultra-conservative and thought he may have aggravated someone or whether he just didn't want to deal with people in the audience.

So that's it... all just a memory now. A happy one.



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