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DATE: 8 September 2003
The Stables
Milton Keynes, UK
SHOW COMMENTS: Bruce with Julie Wolf


  • Lovers In A Dangerous Time
  • Wondering Where The Lions Are
  • Tried And Tested
  • Wait No More
  • All Our Dark Tomorrows
  • My Beat
  • Everywhere Dance
  • Trickle Down


  • Pacing The Cage
  • Southland Of The Heart
  • Open
  • Night Train
  • You've Never Seen Everything
  • If I Had A Rocket Launcher
  • Last Night Of The World
  • World Of Wonders


  • Don't Feel Your Touch
  • Mighty Trucks Of Midnight
  • Lord Of The Starfields
  • Messenger Wind


    Submitted by Bill Pannifer, Chris Rock, Neil Thompson, Lee and Phil, Stuart Plimmer (who provided one of the scans), Andrew Betts (who provided the other scan), and Alastair McKay
    who reports:

    Three guitars used: the two Manzers and a 12 string Guild.

    Bruce seemed fairly subdued, and didn't chat much in between songs, although the audience was a quiet if very appreciative one. But the performance was focused and flawless, and moved through a range of emotions and intensity levels. The songs from the new album were significantly better live. And Julie Wolf was an outstanding accompanist, and greatly added to the musical depth and texture throughout, both with her vocals, and her organ/synth playing. This gave a much richer performance than Bruce solo.

    There were quite a few empty seats, in what is a small — but perfect BC — venue. Poor people of England, not knowing what they are missing. The one sadness of the evening.

    I've been requesting Don't Feel Your Touch for years, and last time I saw Bruce (Greenbelt 99) he promised he'd play it next time. But I didn't think he would. I could hardly believe my ears. It was beautiful. And then he played Mighty Trucks Of Midnight, another of my big favourites.

    Neil adds:

    After If I Had A Rocket Launcher, someone commented, "Are you getting angrier in your old age Bruce?" And someone rebuffed with, "He's not old," which had Bruce chuckling. After Don't Feel Your Touch, someone commented, "I've waited years to hear you play that live." The response from BC was, "I'm glad. There may not be too many more years left to hear it the way things are going." During the encores, Bruce was asked by an awe-struck admirer of his guitar playing to show his right hand, to prove that he only had one thumb and four fingers! "I'm not a mutant," he replied, as he held up his hand.



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