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DATE: 9 March 2002
VENUE/SHOW: Barrymore Theater
SHOW COMMENTS: Solo acoustic show


Set 1:

Set 2:


Setlist submitted by Doug Stacey, and John Hardy who reports the following.

After Lovers In A Dangerous Time Bruce commented on the cold and wind and said he'd decided to forgo his usual bike ride and go get a sandwich instead.

After Let The Bad Air Out someone complimented his guitar straps. He teased them ("You like straps, do you?") and told of how in one of his first bands they played psychedelic rock and he'd get down on his knees playing solos with his teeth. Once a piece of his tooth broke off and flew into the audience. He said he'd wanted to find a woman to join the band and lash him with leather thongs while he was down on his knees doing the solos. Never found someone to do it - or at least never found someone that would do it that they wanted to be a part of the band.

After Wondering Where The Lions Are someone requested "Oh Canada." Bruce said that it was a lousy anthem, that "ours" was much better, being a drinking song and all - one you could really get into and belt out. He suggested that Canada's anthem should perhaps be "Blame Canada." [From the South Park movie? - ed.]

World Of Wonders really stood out for me - an amazing and beautiful guitar arrangement! (Capo on the 5th fret.)

At the second encore he said his voice was shot from the previous song (Peggy’s Kitchen Wall) and that he would do an instrumental.

He encouraged the audience to sing along on Let The Bad Air Out, Wondering Where The Lions Are, and Peggy’s Kitchen Wall.

My wife and I arrived pretty early (second in line) for this general admission show. Sat front row, just left of center - about 8 feet from his microphone stand. For many songs we got a nice mix of the PA and direct from him and his guitar. He played one Manzer guitar for all but 3 songs. Played a Guild 12-string (a Grand Concert style model like the F-30) on My Beat, Put It In Your Heart, and Let The Bad Air Out. He never did touch the 2nd Manzer on the stand closer to the audience.

Read Doug's full report in part V of On My Beat.



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