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DATE: 31 January 2002
VENUE/SHOW: The Old Fruitmarket
LOCATION: Glasgow, Scotland, UK
SHOW COMMENTS: Part of Glasgow’s Celtic Connections festival.



Setlist submitted by Steve McAslan: Put It In Your Heart was described as “a song no one has heard before” and “my second newest song.” My Beat, Put It In Your Heart, and Let The Bad Air Out were played on the 12-string [guitar], the rest were on 6-string.

This from Jerry: Folk had travelled up from all over the UK and I have no doubt found the journey well worthwhile. Boy are you guys in for a treat when this tour finally hits North America! I confess I got caught up in the sheer joy of it all. Bruce Cockburn must also be one of the few musicians with enough confidence to suddenly say that he read something interesting the other day and would just go off stage and fetch it from his dressing room to read it out ... and do so! (I would tell you what it was but can't spoil all the suspense.) Put It In Your Heart is a BRAND NEW SONG and we in Glasgow were the first audience to hear it - based around 9/11, and I am sure that a hundred interpretations will exist before the end of tour. Apparently two brand new songs are in the works, the aforementioned and one other that is so brand new that “even I haven't learnt it yet.” What a great night, and to top it, my first ever Bruce LP (yup LP) Resume purchased circa 1981 was personally autographed. What a nice chap!

For another report of the show, from Julie Yeaman, see the first in our series On My Beat.



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