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DATE:18 March 2000
VENUE/SHOW: Berklee Venter for the Performing Arts
LOCATION: Boston, Massachussetts, USA


First set:
  • You Don't Have To Play The Horses
  • When You Give It Away
  • The Trouble With Normal
  • Look How Far
  • Let The Bad Air Out
  • Down To The Delta
  • Tokyo
  • If I Had A Rocket Launcher
  • Use Me While You Can

    Second set:
  • Pacing The Cage
  • Live On My Mind
  • End Of All Rivers
  • Isn't That What Friends Are For
  • Mango
  • Night Train
  • Call It Democracy
  • Feast of Fools
  • Last Night Of The World

    Encore 1:
  • The Embers Of Eden
  • Blueberry Hill
  • If A Tree Falls

    Encore 2:
  • All The Diamonds


    Setlist submitted by: Suzanne Capobianco and Lee Rutty

    General feedback about the show came from Lee Rutty, who reported that it was:
    An excellent show. Not a lot of banter with the crowd, other than the story about the origins of the Feast of Fools... He did respond a few times to things that the crowd shouted. Mostly laughing at what they said, or affirming that yes, all three of them are Canadian. The only thing of substance was when someone asked him what the badge was that was pinned to his guitar strap. He said "That's the emblem of the Royal Alberta Dragoons, an outfit from the First World War. Probably got wiped out, like most of the guys Canada sent to Europe during that war." Someone yelled out "Blame Canada!" and Bruce chuckled and responded, "Yeah, no one to blame but ourselves."


    SOURCE: Audience; Core Sound Binaural Mics to Sharp MD-MS722 minidisc recorder

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